Unlocking Healing Through
Intuitive Movement

ˈmüv in-ˈtü-ət

   An intuitive form of movement in which one learns how to unlock the body's ability to heal itself. 

   It combines principles from many disciplines: chiropractic, cranio-sacral fascial dental therapy, neuroscience, interpretive dance, art/music/dance therapy, writing/journaling, and meditation -- and it provides a framework for developing a lifestyle of self-healing, self-expression and liberty of movement. It's both a restorative and integtrative practice -- one that brings personal and interpersonal healing and connectedness. 


About the Creator

   Neel Bulchandani is professionally trained as a chiropractor, but has dabbled in many fields of healing and wholeness. This practice was birthed out of a mystical experience in October of 2016 in which he realized he was to return to his love and enjoyment of dance -- particularly a blend of interpretive and gestural dance referred to as, "liquiding." 

   Neel unfolded the development of Movintuit during many early-morning sessions of meditating, pondering, and moving. Influenced by Thomas Edison's utilization of what he called, "kaleidoscopic thinking" and Leonardo DaVinci's lifestyle traits of boundless curiosity, creativity, and mapping (similar to journaling, but more multi-dimensional), Neel has seen this life-giving practice evolve beautifully and believes it will continue to grow and unfold. 

   Neel is husband to Dawn, father to Serenity and Baby #2 (arriving July 2018), brother to Arun & Shefali, son to Kamlesh & Hemlata, and currently describes himself as a choreographer, explorer, mystic, and singer. He currently resides and practices chiropractic in Redding, California. 

   Movintuit launched in the fall of 2017 in Redding, California at Sun Oaks Fitness & Tennis Club. March and April 2018 will find it in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and U.S. locations as well. It will be landing in Israel in May 2019. Follow Movintuit on Facebook for upcoming events and to stay in the flow. 


Move well, be well. 


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